Lady Norwood Rose Garden

Wellington Botanical Garden
101 Glenmore
Wellington 6012
New Zealand

The Lady Norwood Rose Garden is situated in the Wellington Botanical Gardens. There are 110 beds with 300 cultivars and 3000 plants set out in a formal geometric design with colonnades on three sides and the Begonia House as a backdrop. The flowering season starts in November and continues until the end of April.

Each bed contains a different variety of rose, ranging from old favourites to recently released varieties. David Austin, patio and climbing roses are on show around the perimeter of the gardens. A trial garden on the western side monitors new varieties for three years before a decision is made on their inclusion in the gardens.

The roses are cared for using an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program which uses monitoring to determine pest and disease control, with low toxicity chemicals and natural predators such as ladybirds used.

Lady Norwood  Rose Garden