Rosa banksiae lutea

Rosa banksiae lutea (Syn: Banksian Yellow • Jaune (banksiae) • Lady Banks Yellow • Lutea (banksiae) • R. Banksia lutea flore pleno • Rosa banksiae f. lutea Rehder • Rosa banksiae flava • R. banksiae flavescens • Rosa banksiae luteo-plena • Rosa banksiana C.Abel synonym • Rosier de Banks à fleurs jaunes • The Banksian Rose • Yellow (banksiae) • Yellow Banksia • Yellow Banksian • Yellow Lady Banks' Rose)

Wild climbing rose... dainty clusters of small-petalled flowers in early summer... it needs a site where frost cannot affect it. It is named for the wife of the eminent botanist and explorer Sir Joseph Banks (1742-1820), and was brought from its native China toLondon in 1824.

Introduced in United Kingdom by Royal Horticulture Society in 1824 as 'R. banksiae lutea'.

Rosa chinensis Mutabilis