Asociación Argentina de Rosicultura, (A.A.R.)
The Rose Society of Argentina

Juan Francisco Seguí 3949 2° D
Cidudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Cell Phone: +54 11-4803-5067
President - Mrs. Susana Ferrer

Members meet once a month. At these meetings a guest speaker gives a talk on a rose-related subject. An annual Magazine is published and, since 1998, biannual bulletins are also published.

The highlight of the year is the Spring Show, which is held toward the end of October. In March we will have a non-competitive educational exhibition to show the public how to grow roses here and how to use roses in the landscape. We also offer our members visits to private gardens, nurseries and museums.

To date we have four branches in the interior of Argentina. These are in Córdoba, Mar del Plata, Mendoza and San Juan. They also hold annual shows.

Regular Member: - Arg$ 500
Associate Member: - Arg$ 150
Professional: - Arg$ 500
Branch members: - Arg$ 100
One time initiation fee: - Arg$ 50

When the Roses Bloom

Area & First Bloom Date Main Bloom Date
Buenos Aires city and Greater Buenos Aires area - October October - November and up to June
Mar del Plata ( Argentine coast) - November November - December
Córdoba (centre) - September October - November
Mendoza-San Juan (west, near the Andes) - October October - November
Bariloche, Villa La Angostura (Patagonia) - December January - February