The Bermuda Rose Society

P.O. Box HM 3181
Hamilton HM NX
President - Mrs. Clare Watlington Russell

The Bermuda Rose Society has around 80 to 100 active members and on the 9th February 2014, celebrated its 60th anniversary.

Since Bermuda is an island about 700 miles from the U.S. coastline in the Atlantic Ocean, remote from other influences, it has been called a living museum of roses. Roses were brought to the island by ships travelling from all over the world. Our main goal is to protect Bermuda's rose heritage. Our main interest is to encourage the cultivation of Old Garden Roses, to preserve the Old Garden Roses that have stood the test of time in these Islands and to increase their number; to name correctly the Old Garden Roses growing in Bermuda and to identify the Mystery Roses; and to continue to grow the other classes of roses that do well in Bermuda’s climate and soil.

Each year the Bermuda Rose Society raises about 400 slips of our Old Garden Roses, which we sell - this is a major fund raising activity of the Society.

The Society meets monthly from October through May, usually on the first Friday of the month at the Horticultural Hall in the Bermuda Botanical Gardens in Paget. Besides the business of the Society there is a monthly competition of cut roses and rose arrangements, which include the Society’s unique Shadow Box, a floral arrangement designed to create a ‘picture’ within a frame and often a guest speaker. The Bermuda Rose Society usually invites one overseas guest speaker each year. Any rosarian visitors are welcome to attend.

In September 2013 the third edition of The Bermuda Rose Society’s Roses in Bermuda Revisited was updated and republished Our two previous books, Old Garden Roses in Bermuda, published in 1984 and Roses in Bermuda in 1997, are now out of print. This revised and updated version retains much of original content of both and we are greatly indebted to those who worked so hard to produce the publications. The publication of Roses in Bermuda Revisited offers those interested in Roses the opportunity to discover the quality and presentation of the rose as a flower form of beauty and in a dual role educates and promotes the singular specimen – The Rose.

In June 2015 Roses In Bermuda Revisited was successful in achieving the WFRS Literary Award. For information on obtaining a new book, please contact Essie Hans at

The Society maintains a Repository Garden of Old Garden Roses in the grounds of Waterville, the headquarters of the Bermuda National Trust.

The Society issues monthly newsletters for its members.

Fees:$30.00 per year
Life Membership: $250 (may be applied for after 10 years)

When the Roses Bloom

Area & First Bloom Date Main Bloom Date
Continuously, but best in October, December, April and May April-May

Calendar of Rose Events - 2017

R-rose show
May 5 Horticultural Hall, Paget M
Bermuda Rose Society Annual General Meeting