Suomen Ruususeura r.y. - Finska Rosensällskapet r.f.

Aleksanterinkatu 29 A 13
FI-15140 Lahti
President -Eila Palojärvi
Secretary - Mrs. Maarit Kaipiainen

Suomen Ruususeura - Finska Rosensällskapet r.f. was established in 1989 to provide a link between rose amateurs, rose investigators and rose growers, and to promote knowledge of roses and their history. Our activities include visits to rose gardens, rose trips in our own country and abroad and all types of work in rose gardens.

Our magazine, Ruusunlehti - Rosenbladet, is published four times a year. Our membership is approximately 1100.

Fees: 22€ per year

When the Roses Bloom

Area & First Bloom Date Main Bloom Date
South - June 10-15 July 10
Middle - June 15 July 15
North - June 30 July 20

Calendar of Rose Events - 2017

The local groups of the Finnish Rose Society arrange various lectures, trips and events around the country. Further details can be found on our website