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The aim of the Friends of the Federation is to provide an opportunity for individuals to support and promote the World Federation of Rose Societies and its objectives which are for the advancement of education for the benefit of the public in Horticulture and in particular in the conservation, cultivation and classification of the Rose (and its cultivars).


Open to individuals who are members of a Rose Society or horticultural related body.


* Minimum donation

o          New Friend  -                  £30 sterling

o          Continuing Friend -    £25  sterling

o          Friend for Life  -            £200 sterling

o          Patron  -                            £10,000 sterling

o          Other Donations -      £50/£100 sterling

• Individuals may join at any time.

• Invitations to continue as a Friend will be issued following each World Rose Convention.


•Donations of £200 or more entitle the donor to life participation in the Friends’ Club.

•Donations of less than £200 but £25 or more entitle the donor to participate in activities of the Friends’ Club until the  conclusion of the next World Rose Convention.

• Electronic copies of WFRS World Rose News & ‘by any other name’.

•Attendance (at own cost) at the WFRS Friends’ Club dinners or events held during the participation period.

•Mailing list of other Friends’ Club participants with whom you can correspond.

• Input into the promotion of WFRS.


•An Advisory Board, appointed by the Executive Committee, following recommendations from the Promotions Committee.

• To comprise The President, Executive Director, Treasurer, Chairman of the Promotions Committee and representatives from each WFRS region, namely:  Africa (1); Australasia (2); Central Asia (1); Europe (3); Far East (1); North America (2), South America (1)  plus a representative from the country hosting the next WFRS World Rose Convention.

• The Advisory Board will report to the Promotions Committee at each World Rose Convention.

• All other matters of relevance to the Friends’ Club will be dealt with by correspondence.

• The Friends’ Club to produce regular updates (at least annually) of its activities in the World Rose News.



Mr Yves Piaget - Monaco

Friends for Life

2011 - Syed Lilas Rizui - Dubai

2011 - Derek Lawrence - United Kingdom

2011 - Gérald Meylan - Switzerland

2011 - Christina Meylan - Switzerland

2012 - Alain Meilland - France

2013 - Marijke Peterich - Bermuda

2013 - Dieter Müller Clemm - Germany

2014 - Henrianne de Briey - Belgium

2014 - Sushill Prakash - India


2015 - Steve Jones - United States of America

2015 - Susie Jones - United States of America

2015 - Ines de Licandro - Uruguay

2015 - Vijay Kant - India

2015 - Ahmed Alam Khan - India

2015 - Hilary Elkin - United States of America

2016 - John Baxter - United Kingdom

2016 - Jean-Luc Pasquier - Switzerland

2016 - Pat Shanley - United States of America

2016 - Lois Fowkes - United States of America

2016 - Les Johnson - Australia

2017 - Dorothea Jungen - Germany

2018 - Mary Frick - Australia

2018 - Paul Hains - Australia

2018 - George Peterich - Bermuda